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Welcome to Executive Group Site

We are weekend roadies that like to cruise on Saturdays. Our ride is LSD (Long Steady Ride) with with persona of "No Drop Rule".   To make it more exciting we have different route every weekend. Our ride leaders choose route that features beautiful scenery as well as roads that have minimal traffic. For your safety and convenience, we have ride maps available at all times.       

However, if you think that you are not yet up to par with the speed we also have riders that like to cruise on 17-18 mph. This speed is for riders that are considered beginners. They usually go as far as 35-40 miles with very comfortable cruising speed.          

But before you ride with us, please make sure that you complete the new member application. To complete the form, please  click on the New Member Application. We require that new riders pay $25 annual member dues to cover refreshments after each ride as well as miscellaneous expenses that pertain to the club.